There are a lot of things to celebrate this year and unique events leave lasting memories. As gifting can also be a challenge, many times the perfect gift is an experience, rather than a beautifully wrapped present. Though there are any number of reasons to plan a good time, these are 10 we think are perfect for a Botox Party with your favorites.

  1. Milestone Birthday Celebration:  Almost 30? Almost 40? Happily in your 50’s but want to finally introduce your “late to the party” friends to your favorite beauty secret?  Perhaps you and your friends already love Botox?  Celebrate sisterhood and ageless beauty your way and get goodies you actually want.
  2. Divorce Celebration: If you’re feeling the need to celebrate liberation after a less that ideal marriage, what better way than to treat yourself to some joy?! Get your inner circle together and celebrate a new beginning and the people who stood by you when you needed it most.
  3. Galentines/Palentines: If you’re single and looking for a way to celebrate loving yourself and the people who make your life brighter, why not treat each other to a beauty and wellness powerhouse combo.  Botox party with beauty boosters! Have an aesthetician do a refreshing facial and get a mini massage.
  4. Bridal / Wedding Shower: Here come the brides! No matter what kind of couple is celebrating nuptials, love should be celebrated, and EVERYONE wants to look snatched and refreshed for those pictures!  Afterall, marriages don’t always last, but photos are forever.
  5. Bachelorette: Say goodbye to the single life and your crows feet on the same day! Penis chackis and veil tiaras are over. Celebrate with class and treat yourself and your bridal party to wrinkle free wedding photos and the bride can have a complimentary syringe of filler to hydrate or accentuate any feature she chooses.
  6. Bachelor Party: Cat’s out of the bag, MEN GET BOTOX TOO! You’ve picked out your sophisticated day-of duds, now you can Bro-tox your groomsmen and the groom can get that strong jawline or chin he’s been wishing for starting with 1 complimentary filler.
  7. Team Milestones: Have you been working towards a sales goal at the office? Have all those late nights, long days and furrowed brows paid off?  Congrats! Celebrate by walking back some of those stress wrinkles. Now THAT’S appreciation!
  8. Bon Voyage: Saying goodbye to a friend who’s making a big move?  Change can be hard but celebrate your time together and get a little pampered.  Relaxed wrinkles and a syringe of filler for the guest of honor can help boost their confidence for the journey ahead.
  9. Graduation: YOU DID IT!  All that hard work has paid off and it’s time to celebrate…and perhaps soften the fine lines that have begun to accrue from late night studying. A little filler for the graduate as well could boost their confidence for upcoming interviews and opportunities.
  10. JUST BECAUSE: There are plenty of things in life worth celebrating.  Heck, after 24 months of Quarantine I’m ready to see my friends again and pamper myself.  We’ve all made sacrifices, experienced losses and unprecedented trying times.  It’s been a lot!  We all deserve a chance to do something positive for ourselves and celebrate the life that perhaps feels a little more precious than it did a year ago.