My wife Rosanne is a Disney Nut and she is completely in love with Disneyland. I had no choice but to embrace what made her happy (happy wife happy life). After Covid we got our annual passes and off we went back to Disneyland.  Our friends have annual passes too and they told us all about pin trading. My wife new something about it but wasn’t too sure what it all entailed.  Over dinner one night, we were educated by our friends. The excitement and joy made her want to start pin trading ASAP. At first this was just for fun and something to do with my wife while we were at the park. As I starting to get involved and seeing how fun it was, I decided I was going to embrace the pin trading world and start a hidden mickey collection.

Being a huge collector in the past of sports cards and collectibles I took the pin trading to a whole new level. I did struggle in the beginning with all these Hidden Mickey sets, chasers and completers. Finding photos and checklists of these pins were also a nightmare. Learning from so many people on Face book boards and chats I really started to learn how amazing these pins and sets were.  I realized Hidden Mickey was really only from 2007-Current. Learning about Cast Lanyard pins made this hobby even that more fun. I found out these Cast Lanyard pins with Hidden Mickey’s on them were from 2003-2006. These pins were very difficult to locate and find for us. As I thought my collection was coming to an end I had a friend I met online and she sent me all the 2002-2003 Cast Lanyard pins. Ones I have zero clues about. Dang, here is another 50 plus pins we need, let alone some really tough pins to find and complete.

Being a United States Marine I have always had everything in check and always unbelievably organized. This was the same thing with our Hidden Mickey, Cast Lanyard pin collection. Our books, pages and pins were always logged and put away in perfect order. This is when it hit me to build a website and try and help other collectors out there with the struggles of finding checklists, images and information on Hidden Mickey and Cast Lanyard pins.

Putting together our collection has been a blast and will always be fun for my wife and I, something we can do together and always enjoy our Disneyland experiences in the future. I will continue to update images, checklists on here for people to download and save for themselves. My personal collection will also be updated as I am still receiving pins daily and adding them to my books. I believe we have just about every Hidden Mickey, Cast Lanyard pin from 2002-current. Every now and again we find a pin that we had zero clues about; we find it and update our lists.

If you see anything on our website, please reach out to us personally and we can fix it. We really want to make this a better experience for you and all the wonderful people we have met to help; us with information and with our pin collection.

Sincerely Kenny & Rosanne Kuder

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