Whether you want to decrease signs of aging or improve areas that lack volume, there are cosmetic injectables that can help you accomplish your goals. One of the most popular injectable treatments available is Botox. If you keep up with the latest in the cosmetic industry then you may have heard the word Newtox being used. Our patients are currently asking us what is the difference between Botox and Newtox?

That is why we decided to dedicate this blog to explain the difference and similarities in these two treatments.

What is Newtox?

The official name for Newtox is Jeuveau. Newtox may be a name that you are not highly familiar with, but when used it is simply referring to Jeuveau. The Jeuveau name is more familiar to a lot of patients but it’s important to understand that when Newtox is used it is simply referring to Jeuveau.  You may have received this treatment from your cosmetic provider already as “Jeuveau” and not connecting it to the “Newtox” term that everyone is tweeting about.

Just like Botox, Newtox is a neurotoxin. The Jeuveau product is very similar to Botox in it’s uses and effectiveness. Neurotoxins are administered through a series of injections that should only be performed by a licensed Nurse or Physician.

Your provider injects a small amount to relax the muscles in that targeted area. The restricted muscle movement can help decrease and in some cases reverse fine lines and wrinkles. Aging makes us all susceptible to deep wrinkles, which can cause a person to look older than they might be. Injectable procedures offer the ability to help decrease signs of aging without the need to undergo invasive surgery and with significantly less, to no downtime.

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Similarities of Newtox and Botox

Botox and Newtox are comparable products in reference to result in longevity, potency, onset, and frequency of injections.

Jeuveau and Botox are both created from the same type of bacteria and are neuromodulators. The industry gold standard for treating wrinkles and fine lines has long been held by Botox. Patients and providers have come to know Jeuveau as Newtox because it provides similar gold standard results.

What Are The Differences between Botox and Newtox?

The biggest difference between these two treatments is Botox’s FDA approval to treat more areas of the face and body than Jeuveau. Botox is FDA indicated for crows feet and the forehead as well as other areas of the body, while Newtox has only received FDA approval for frown lines. This is mainly because the approval process can take an extended amount of time and financial commitment, and all drugs are required to apply for each indication one at a time with the FDA.